Why you should outsource your bookkeeping

Here are reasons why outsourcing your bookkeeping and BAS agent services is the right choice:

1. TIME: all the time spent on bookkeeping tasks would be better suited focusing on the core aspects of your business. You don't go into business because you love the administration side of things. Get back to working in your business, doing what you love and are passionate about.

2. REDUCE COST: by outsourcing you are saving money on paying a full-time wage plus additional benefits like superannuation, training, office space and insurances to an employee. Hiring employees also leads to lost productivity and down-time costs, when you outsource you only pay for what you need.

4. BAS AGENT EXPERTISE: A contract bookkeeper that is providing a BAS service for a fee must be a registered BAS agent whereas an in-house bookkeeper does not. By outsourcing to a professional you know that you are getting someone that has been through training and has the relevant experience to know what they are doing. They are required to complete on-going education and you can ensure that they are keeping updated on all the latest in the bookkeeping industry.

5. RESOURCES:  a contract bookkeeper is more likely to have a set of processes in place and therefore you spend less time and money putting your own processes in place.

6. CONFIDENTIALITY: Your financial records and especially your payroll contain very sensitive data that you don't want leaked. Outsourcing can ensure that this information is kept private especially from your employees.

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